Why an SEO Audit is Important

Here are some good reasons why an SEO Audit done by experts is important – sometimes unavoidable

Find Out Causes of Slow or No Progress

You need someone who can give you real diagnosis of slow SEO progress and tell you reasons that cause this.

Check Quality of Back-Links

Back-links are more like back-bone of your SEO campaign. Bad links may cause severe damage to the presence of your website.

Keep Tabs on Your SEO Firm

In SEO it is easier to do low quality work and show big but hollow progress. Sooner or later you have to pay for bad SEO done by your provider.

Optimize to the Next Level

There is always room for improvement in SEO. You may need advices to do it better and better.

Are You at the Right Track?

Heading to a wrong destination is fatal for SEO campaign. Waste of time as well as chances of getting penalized.

Is Your SEO campaign Equipped with Latest in SEO?

You need to know advance SEO, algorithm changes and any proactive steps to avoid any damage to SEO.


70% sites fail to get desired SEO results


80% website find their SEO campaigns need more work, improvements and change of strategy


60% SEO firms target those keywords which actually result in no good traffic


On average, more than 30% sites get penalized after Google algorithm updates

What is Different in Our SEO Audit

We know that there are many tools available which give you some idea of how your SEO campaign is progressing. However, there are certain analyses which ONLY HUMANS CAN DO. We have briefly mentioned some of them above. So we charge you only $70 and our experts analyze the data we get using different tools and techniques. Here is what we do:

Back-links Analysis

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Review of SEO Strategy

Using the back links, on-site SEO done and many other factors, we find out what strategy is being carried out and what more can be done. This involves expert review of more than 50 links we picks randomly. We also check if the links achieved so far follow advance SEO techniques.

Custom Reporting

You get advices for your website's needs for SEO. So the report may be different for your website. Rest assured that it will not be a general template with general recommendations. We give you suggestions for improvement on specific issue we find.

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